Archivi mensili - Luglio 2016

Concrete cutting

For wall cutting or horizontal cuts, for openings rooms, doors, windows and piping for technical systems, installation and modifications of lifts, expansion joints, for slabs cutting,bridg and building structuresin general, as well for concrete tanks or heavily armed. Tthis working is vibration-free,so don’t cause damages to the structures, either can guarantee static advantages.

Core drilling

Holes for chemical and mechanical anchoring, holes for grouting, holes shooting irons, drilling for the passage of ducts through walls (water, gas, electricity, etc.), floors and ceilings. Openings for pipes conditioning, for air and to evacuate fumes, Surveys and samples for testing, Road barriers, Noise barriers, Fences and Consolidations for renovations.

Special inquiry

Always respecting the controlled demolition rules, we can guarantee works made with special hydraulic machines like: grippers for crushing, ideal working especially when water Is not forbidden and/or there is no adequate accessibility for the tools handling like pressing tools installed in depth holes and/or diameter defined burst and demolish...