Diversi sono i servizi proposti dall’azienda TECNOTAGLI S.r.l. nell’ambito della decostruzione e demolizione controllata

Our services

Concrete cutting

For opening rooms, doors, windows and piping for tehnical systems, installation and modifications of lifts, expansion joints, building structures in general, concrete tanks or heavily armed.

Core drilling

Holes for chemical and mechanical anchoring, holes for grouting, holes shooting irons, drilling for the passage of ducts through walls.

Concrete cutting diamond wire

When on the yard is not possible go at the depth necessary with the disk, this kind of cutting assures great results and the final target.

Cutting floor

Expansion joints, floors, decks and horizontal cutting, as well for standard construction, concrete reinforced or heavily armed. none

Special inquiry

Decostruction, controlled demolitions, special inquiry.

Controlled demolitions

Decostruction, controlled demolitions, special inquiry.