TECNOTAGLI S.r.l., located in Via Codignole 54, Brescia, works in the field of controlled demolition and deconstruction for over 10 years, under the overall management of the Owner Diego Tedoldi who coordinates all of the processing stages: from acquisition to job design, always taking into consideration the specific needs of individual customers and trying to best meet the expectations, ensuring, where agreed, transportation and disposal of the resulting debris.

TECNOTAGLI srl was formed in 1999 and his representative have pursued the occupation of Building Assistant at various construction sites and participating in specialization courses in Business Switzerland with diamond wire in controlled demolitions.

TECNOTAGLI srl is formed by highly qualified and independent.

Precisely because of the small size it can, carrying out its activities throughout the national territory, to give a high-quality work and cost.

Besides the planning and execution of demolition work, we are able to offer our customers work on changes and / or total demolition of buildings and large sites.

Thanks to the continuous development in increasingly efficient controlled demolition techniques and less invasive, the TECNOTAGLI srl company in recent years has been able to make inroads into the market and find full collaborative support with major companies at national and international level.

Services that the company is able to offer:

Tra i servizi che l’azienda è in grado di offrire troviamo: