The controlled demolition is a processing technique absolutely be planned, predictable, scalable, in both phases of design and execution.

Dismantling piece by piece the elements of any structure (concrete, stone or masonry) do not generate dust, vibration, noise, microshocks.With adequate logistical support provided by suitable means to the handling of the removed parts, we can produce high quality interventions, for the construction company, and especially for private users, who increasingly appreciates the accuracy, timeliness of performance, but especially the low invasiveness; thanks to the various available methodologies, is no longer necessary to evacuate the adjacent buildings.

Company TECNOTAGLI SRL, located in Bresciaworks in the field of controlled demolition and deconstruction for over 10 years, under the overall management of the Owner Diego Tedoldi who coordinates all of the processing stages: from acquisition to job design, always taking into consideration the specific needs of individual customers and trying to best meet the expectations, ensuring, where agreed, transportation and disposal of the resulting debris..

The application fields of controlled demolition in which the TECNOTAGLI SRL is specialized are so numerous,both in civil and industrial building, and allow not only to act on new structures in reinforced concrete and masonry , but also to address delicate operations especially in renovation of historical buildings of old values , which is obviously not recommended to traditional tools that would involve the occurrence of irreparable damage.

Services that the company is able to offer: